Eat, bathe and sleep with the Kardashians

At the moment we can watch the Kardashians, yes all of them, on television. We can wear their nail polish, their specially designed clothes and shoes and carry their handbags. At one point we could even have a Kardashian Kredit Kard (until that went belly up… probably the only thing the Kardashians have touched that hasn’t instantly turned to gold). So what else could we need to complete the Kardashian Kircle? Well, I suppose we also need to be able to sleep, shower and eat while thinking of the family too. 

That’s right folks, you may have guessed it… the Kardashians have released the Kardashian Kollection for home.. available for purchase now at Sears. The three sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have all taken to social media sites to spread the good word so we thought we’d be a good neighbour and help spread the goss. Of course as soon as we say that, after looking at the Sears site, it looks as if the Kardashians needed absolutely no help in continuing on their quest of conquering the world. The line appears to have completely sold out…already! Amazing…absolutely amazing!


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