Dove’s on a mission to make women feel beautiful again

It’s about time a big company stood up and did
something like this! Dove, in Australia, is the first major brand to stand up and say,
“we’ve had enough, now let’s change the way we talk to women.” 

How many of us have bought products because we are reminded of a flaw?
I, for one, fall victim to it everyday. I see an ad for cellulite cream
and a woman’s leg looking less than flattering and I instantly think,
“geeze, I really do need to do something about that before summer comes
along”. Of course it doesn’t stop there. I do believe half of the
products I own were bought because a magazine or tv show reminded me of a
flaw that needs fixing. I constantly write about change when I myself still fall victim to the “beauty and fashion self-deprecating mob” everyday.

In the campaign you will see below, one of the most shocking moments is when Dove states that only
4% of women believe they are beautiful. I just have to stop right there
and address this head on. My heart sunk to my feet as the spokeswoman
read this line. 4%!!!!! Ladies, what have we done to make 96% of us believe we aren’t beautiful? Surely the world would be a very boring place if we all looked like Gisele Bundchen. The fact of the matter is that we are all born differently. Each and every one of us is completely unique (ok, twins maybe look the other way on this one). Trust me when I say that all of us are beautiful. I’m not saying we all look like Gisele or should even want to look like Gisele, but the world, at present, has told us that is what we SHOULD all strive to look like.

Here’s what I am trying to say and right now I am shouting this at you: YOU, sitting right there, reading this… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. If you don’t believe me, go to the mirror and sit there and look at yourself and find that one thing you love the most and love it with all you’ve got. Whether you have a great ass, great arms, a killer smile or a fabulous head of hair… love it. It makes you unique and it makes you special and a stand out from the crowd. There has never been anything more beautiful than a woman that is confident in herself. Find that within and stop letting the fashion and beauty industry tell you any differently. Remember this… they are all in it to make money. Every last one of them. You can’t blame them, that’s what we’re all trying to do really. But you can hold them accountable for how they go about doing it.  Now while some people will make that dollar the right way by selling you a product that is great because it’s great, all too many have gone down the route of shaming you into a purchase. Take a stand against this madness!! We spend all this time talking about purchasing organic foods… it’s time we take a look at our beauty purchases the same way. If they are helping to kill women’s self esteem leave that product on the shelf! 


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