Copy “cat” alert… Victoria Beckham dress ripped off and marked down!

Sometimes high street stores take inspiration from designers. Ok, let’s be honest… it happens all the time! Catwalks are watched, sketched and replicated in major chains around the world. It occurs every season and it’s always interesting to see how the styles are translated into designs that can be sold for one tenth of the price of the designer garment. Often times the rip offs are good-to-ok. However, there are times when the design is just too similar to ignore. Or there are instances like the one we are faced with today, which I am terming the “Copy Cat” Dress. Here we have a dress that is SO similar to the original Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress that the copiers should truly be slapped on the wrist. Not only that, but said dress was worn to a red carpet event last night by Sam Faiers (see Daily Mail pictures) and was so ill-fitted that it actually is insulting not only to the online rip-off boutique but mostly to the original designer…Victoria Beckham..should anyone mistake this even for a second as an original from VB! The funny thing here is that Sam Faiers could actually afford to buy the real thing (sold out online but just found one on eBay for £700).  However, she chose the £109 version of the dress to wear out and about and appears to have chosen one that is about four sizes too small.

Personally, I can’t put my finger on why this particular copy pushes all the wrong buttons but it does. I think it could be because the print is near dead on identical and I do believe designers are entitled to rights when it comes to original ideas. It’s all just too close for comfort here unfortunately.


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