Aline Weber covers Vogue Turkey May 2012

Aline Weber covers Vogue Turkey May 2012 in head to toe Balmain. Well, maybe not head to toe as the hat is actually a classic Stetson, which leads me to my first question about this cover. Would you classify this as a old western influence or Spanish influence? It seems to be a mix of both. Not that I am complaining in any way. I love this mix of old world and new and the bringing together of trends. Aline looks like she could straddle a cow or fight with a bull at any moment. I suppose that’s what you get when you mix a designer like Balmain with a classic cowboy hat. It’s a fierce look that is styled to perfection. In short, we may not be able to wear this cover style down the street but we love it regardless. {Vogue Turkey Facebook}


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