Urban Decay launches “Build your own Palette” for eyeshadows…

Last night I sat down with Urban Decay and some of the UK’s top beauty bloggers for an introduction to a new concept for the brand – “Build Your Own Palettes”.  We all gathered around a table at Aqua where we were first introduced to our very own Urban Decay cocktails – see below to what’s in the Fashion Foie Gras-Hopper (and in case you are wondering.. “Gras” does not in fact sound like “Grass”… but I get what they were doing there). The cocktail was absolutely delicious and you must try it next time you are in Aqua!

It must be said that we were invited to dinner but it was under the disguise of just getting together. When we arrived at the table we found Urban Decay had another plan. Earlier in the week we were quizzed over our favourite colours for Urban Decay eyeshadows. Frankly, I love them all so much I couldn’t possibly choose but in the end I narrowed it down to Midnight Cowboy, Sell out, Snakebite, Buck and Toasted. Now I’d just like to take a minute here to say that Urban Decay has the best names in the business for their colours. Honestly, I would love the job of naming each one! Incredible! Perhaps one day they’ll produce a Fashion Foie Gras (would it be the colour of goose feathers?)?  

So where did our colour choices come in? Well, when we sat down, our table settings each had our names and a special palette presentation. It was the BYOP (Build Your Own Palette) and it contained all of the colours we had chosen.  There was also a fantastic mirror, a Good Karma Shadow Brush and the perfect nude shadow which is exclusive to the palette. I spent this morning trying out my combinations and I couldn’t be happier. And now I am going to be a little more adventurous and grab some brighter colours. That’s the lovely part of the palette, the lack of commitment needed. You can change in and out however often you’d like for travel, etc.  The palette itself is £14 and each colour is also £14. For those of you that use Urban Decay you know a little goes a long way and this will last you forever so personally I think this is a very reasonable price.


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