Staying in The Ritz Dubai International Financial Centre

So you’ve seen I’m in Dubai…but let me tell you all about where I am lucky enough to be staying… Does The Ritz mean anything to you? Yeah, I’m sure I actually don’t have to say much more now do I? While out here in Dubai with My Wardrobe, we’re sleeping (and blogging from our rooms) in style!  The Ritz Dubai International Financial Centre has put us up in suites for the trip and it is truly an out of body experience. The rooms are absolutely lush from step in to step out. I could go on and on about the massive rooms, the tub big enough for two or the bed that’s so comfortable I can barely stand to leave it… even to see the amazing sights Dubai has to offer! However, I thought you’d have much more fun with me showing you a video of the room from entry to exit. I don’t imagine I’ll want to stay anywhere else now… which is a serious problem. Once you’ve had a taste of this sort of luxury it’s tough to go back to your Holiday Inn stays! Without further ado, I present to you the fabulous, the luxurious, the massive Ritz Dubai International Financial Centre Suite… room 606!

**Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of The Ritz**


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