Rise & Shine with FFG… a look at my morning skincare regime

There is a lot to be said for getting your day started on the right foot. Too often we’re all just in a rush to get to work/school/etc and we just splash some water on our faces and jump out the door…. no face care, no breakfast and just enough makeup to get us out the door. In year’s past I have been absolutely the worst when it comes to this routine. I’ve continually left my skincare to chance and thought “what will be will be.” Only there came a point when I realized a routine in the morning actually helps me get out of the door faster in the morning. I know it sounds ridiculous but having a pattern every single morning helps me get out the door on time, less stressed and with skin that’s thanking me daily for my recent efforts. Simple Skincare  has asked me to share my secrets in dealing with sensitive skin and what my daily morning routine is these days so here we go… here’s the run down of my morning from breakfast to the beauty products for sensitive skin that I swear by.

5:45am – Rise and Shine! Yes, I’m up and I’ve already got my laptop open and I’m reading Women’s Wear Daily. I’ve put the kettle on and I have my hair tied up as I move about my flat.

6:00am – There’s a mug of boiling water on my bedside table that has a fresh lemon brewing. Last year a good friend told me the best thing you can do for your skin and body is to have a hot cup of water with lemon when you first wake up in the morning. So… I’ve sworn by it ever since!  As the lemon is soaking I’m in the bathroom washing my face with sensitive skin face wash from Simple – the Smoothing Facial Scrub . I love starting the day with a scrub as I feel I’m washing the sleep from my face and really waking myself up. Ok now this is going to sound strange but I’m a bit OCD when it comes to this. I splash my face with freezing cold water 15 times. It really wakes me up and my skin looks healthy and refreshed.

6:15am – I’m back at the laptop and reading the Daily Mail – Femail is my guilty pleasure. I keep Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15 next to my bed as apply on my face as a I read. I make sure and really work the product into my face to get the blood flowing and to really get the product working. My skin can really flare up if I’ve had a long night blogging or a heavy night on the town with the boy so I love slathering up with a good moisturizer for sensitive skin to restore and refresh.

6:30am- Still reading but also starting to write for any pending deadlines of the day. And also starting to feel the tummy rumble. Porridge is my poison every morning. As I never know when I’m going to surface from my computer screen again I try and eat something that will keep me full for as long as possible! Thank you Quaker Oats! I’m also getting older so I can’t just eat Lucky Charms anymore. The thighs don’t seem to stay as slim as easily anymore!

7:00am – I’m off and running. Finished with brekkie, skin care and sour lemons! I’m also ready to battle the day in London town… or wherever I may find myself… be it New York, Paris, Milan or even Dubai!

Feel free to share any morning routines you have that you find really help your skin stay in its best condition!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.


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