Presenting the Kenco coffee bag… absolute genius marketing!

The other night I was sitting at a table of PRs and I had to stop everything to ask about a handbag that was sitting proudly on the table, distracting me from my conversation.  Imagine my surprise when I was told it was a bag that was created by Kenco Millicano coffee with Project D! Are you serious?! That’s the most brilliant thing I have ever heard. Basically Kenco have launched a new instant coffee that is meant to fit perfectly in handbags for women on the go. So to get the word out about the new product, they commissioned Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb of Project D to create an absolutely lush bag – the K Bag.  

When I say lush, I mean lush! It’s a snakeskin print black leather (swoon) with metal studs (I think you know about my obsession).  It’s also got a very cool detachable stylish clutch within that allows for Kenco Millicano devotee to easily transition from day to night!

And now I have a problem as I wanted to buy one (available exclusively on my-wardrobe for £250)…but they have already gone into back order. What did I tell you? Totally an “it” bag…. and to think it all started with a new coffee product… amazing!

Comments from the peanut (or coffee in this case) gallery:

  • Project D say: “We are really excited to be working with Kenco Millicano to create our first ever luxury handbag. It combines all the things any woman needs and wants in one handbag whilst being chic and beautiful. It’s perfect for busy women like ourselves and allows you to be prepared for every occasion – work or play!”
  • Emma Dixon, Kenco says: “We are really proud to have created the ultimate “K Bag” with Project D in association with Kenco Millicano. The latest trend in handbags for our latest trend in coffee! The interior pouch is perfect for our small in size and individually wrapped, stick packs, the must-have addition to any coffee lover’s handbag, especially the “K Bag” which is complete with a stylish detachable clutch designed especially for your favourite portable coffee – the perfect partnership!”

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