Presenting the doggie designer duo taking the fashion world by storm

A few weeks ago I found myself walking around the Start boutique with owner Brix Smith-Start in East London. I was having a browse around the store as I had heard that it was one of the best in London when it came to designer goods and of course as it’s owned by Brix Smith-Start and her husband, I knew this could be nothing less than a fashion lover’s paradise. I certainly was not disappointed. 

However, something funny happened as we were talking through pieces downstairs in the basement. I pulled out a shearling gilet and exclaimed, “who is this designing duo Gladys & Pixie?!. This is an amazing piece!”?  Brix smiled and pointed to her toes where two beautiful pugs were resting and said “Gladys and Pixie”. Yes, dear reader, she was referring to said pugs that were lazying about like fashion divas nestling into her Acne jacket. As I looked down upon the sweet faces before me their eyes met mine as if to say, “Yes, we do dabble in design when we’re not sitting front row on the catwalk with mommy.” 

You may all remember that Gladys was named the official canine correspondent for Mercedes during London Fashion Week. She had a press pass and all and was marched straight to the front row for each show she attended. As I sat second or third row watching with jealousy I must say she carried herself in the most groomed and composed manner. I was impressed and my jealousy melted away to be replaced with nothing but love for this little ball of goodness.

So truly it is no surprise to me that one of the most fashionable women and shop owners, Brix Smith-Start, has two dogs that design an exclusive line for her shop, Start. Each season they release a collection just as other designer duos such as Dolce & Gabbana do. For autumn winter they had beautiful cashmere sweaters, luxurious gloves and of course that gorgeous shearling gilet I was telling you about. And I have a little secret. As I was twirling around in my new camel coloured Gladys & Pixie shearling gillet, I crouched down and whispered into Glady’s ear, “any chance of one of these for my spring summer wardrobe?”  And guess what… little Gladys & Pixie have now released a pale pink gilet!


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