Prada’s playsuit covers many magazines and awakens memories for many

Prada’s embroidered and bedazzled playsuit seems to be popping up everytime you open a magazine. So far we’ve seen the look on Jennifer Lawrence for Glamour UK cover April 2012, Amanda Seyfried for Glamour US March 2012, Jessica Alba for InStyle Australia January 2012, Dazed and Confused for March 2012 and even on Lana Del Rey for British Vogue. 

It’s the ultimate in fashion fantasy and works perfect for editorials but that’s about as far as it goes. I’m adding this one to the fashion fantasy pile as it’s one of those looks that was made for shots but not streets. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to explain this to friends as they’ve looked over my shoulder at runway show images and asked “who would ever wear that?” I cringe and prepare myself for another lecture on design being about more than just what you end up seeing on the shelf at AllSaints for your monthly clothing run. It’s all about creating an illusion with many pieces and in taking people who appreciate design and fashion on a journey with your creations. 

This piece from Prada takes many, old and young, on a journey through time. For me, I instantly think of the 1950s and women in bathing suits with surfboards in Malibu. For someone else there’s a different memory, but the look nonetheless awakens something within in. That a designer can do that with an item of clothing is quite a beautiful thing and yes, I do equate it with a famous artist moving you with a painting. Both make you stop, think and smile. Deal done.


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