Paris Fashion Week’s crowning fashion…

So far this season at Paris Fashion Week we have seen some pretty out there statements being made. But the one crazy trend that doesn’t see an end in sight is fantastic headgear. I would call them hats, but some of the displays resemble helmets or fantastic abstract shapes so it seems unfair to call them hats. From the “hair come hands on forehead” at Ann Demeulemeester to the spiderman cage masks at Rick Owens… all this fantasy made it difficult to concentrate on the clothes. 

Then we have A.F. Vandevorst who showcased a fully covered model! Of course we were all wondering how on earth she was finding her way down the runway. Did she have an eye slit in the folds? Or was she walking blind? And there’s Mugler who created an ice queen helmet. All we could think of were Eskimos engaging in extreme snow sled racing with the protection of a fashionable fur helmet!

I know, I know, fashion is all about fantasy and I love the creativity… but there were a few giggle worthy moments so far this week at Paris Fashion Week! And just think… we still have plenty more to go!


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