Leighton Meester covers Marie Claire April 2012 in Reed Krakoff

Leighton Meester is Marie Claire’s cover girl for April 2012. The Gossip Girl looks positively stunning in a yellow Reed Krakoff dress which, for me, totally makes the cover. If you’re wondering why this cover looks spectacular it might have something to do with the fact that Leighton is styled in a brightly coloured dress (which of course we love because it’s gorgeous but also because it’s Mr. Krakoff) and paired with completely natural hair and makeup. All too often we see stylists opting for bright eyeshadow or lips to play off brightly coloured garments. However, a nude and neutral palette is the perfect compliment to an attention grabbing garment. This cover has become a favourite for exactly that reason…

Read snippets from Leighton Meester’s interview on Marie Claire now…


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