Hermes Autumn Winter 2012

The Hermes woman for autumn winter 2012 is preparing for working it in a man’s world… otherwise known as a very masculine look. In the beginning there was not a slither of skin in sight beyond the face and neck (which was mostly covered as well) as models walked out in multi-layered ensembles that showcased boxy figures and disguises against femininity. Then, like a breath of fresh air, a little leg was revealed and the models seemed to walk lighter as their fabric load diminished. Silks replaced heavy wools, leathers and furs and prints came into play as neutrals silently left the catwalk. It was an interesting ride, emotionally and sartorially speaking. In the end I am saddened to say it was not my favourite Hermes show to date but there were definitely pieces throughout which are highly covetable and will perhaps be better evaluated when seen up close and styled without so much “coverage”.


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