Futurefashion at Westfield… a surreal style experience!

Last night I joined a stylish group at Westfield for an introduction to a brand new concept hitting both Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City. It was a battle of East vs. West as we looked at the trends hitting this summer (thanks to a very informative talk from Grazia’s Melanie Rickey) and how they will be translated by shoppers in both the east and west ends of London. As Westfield has a presence in both areas of London, this was the perfect introduction to a new concept that will be hitting Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford City in weeks to come. 

Westfield’s Futurefashion, as it’s called, is a project that will certainly make you feel like you are a shopping from another dimension. It’s so fashion forward, in fact, that I felt as if I was starring in a movie set fifty years in the future. The event, starting at Westfield London today, is divided into several different “zones”. And they look a little something like this… 

  • First up there are five digital show-stopping 103” touch-screens set up for you to create your very own mood board using products that are all available in Westfield to buy. The mood board is then emailed to you where you get a run down of prices and where the items are available. From there it’s straight on to the shops with you little navigation guide (you can see my mood board up above…loving the goose feather?)
  • Westfield is also tapping into the smart phone obsession currently making its way around the globe and embedding QR Codes for each product featured. QR Codes can be scanned with a reader via a smartphone and used to obtain a discount code which can then be used to make swift and stylish purchases in-stores.
  • 3D fashion shows! This I am really excited about!  Fifteen people will be led into a special space in the futurefashion exhibition and will be given 3D glasses to wear for a three minute catwalk show produced by Westfield. Over 70 looks will be shown to give you an idea of what’s hot for spring/summer.
  • And if you need a bit of a break from all the intense style coming at you left, right and centre, take a seat for manicures and mocktails! Does it get any more Sex and The City? Just bring your three best girlfriends along and call yourself Carrie… sorted!

Hopefully see you guys down there this weekend!!!

Important dates for your calendars:

Futurefashion is running from 27th March – 1st April at Westfield London and 4th – 9th April at Westfield.

Visit Westfield online for more info…



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