First Look: Baby Dior Spring Summer 2012

There are several thoughts running through my mind as I flip through the campaign images for Baby Dior Spring Summer 2012. It is basically running in this order….

  • What are the chances that Baby Dior Spring Summer 2012 could come in adult sizes? Think I could call up and see if they’ll make one or sun dresses from a grown woman? I think I probably shouldn’t risk my relationship with the press office… we’ll leave that one.
  • Horribly, now I am again thinking about dressing my own little girl one day… which would of course mean I’d have to have one. And dear reader… having a child would inevitably mean that this blog would turn into a mommy/fashion blog. Nothing wrong with that but I’m warning you in advance! This could get content messy. Google won’t know what to make of me…
  • It’s time to get out my credit card and shop for the nieces. If I can’t spoil my own children I might as well spoil the next best thing… the children you can hand back to the parents after they’ve spilt ice cream all over said Dior dress!

Images via Dior


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