Eating and Sleeping at The Fox & Anchor in London

Last week my date night with the BF took a turn as we were invited last minute to stay at the Fox & Anchor to indulge in culinary delights and stay in their famous St. Paul’s suite above the pub. First of all… hotels and pubs… I’ve never done this before so wasn’t sure what to expect. In my youth there were countless times I wished every pub had a hotel above where I could crash instead of trying to make my way home. I’m a “grown-up” now, however, and have learned to enjoy the different brews on tap at pubs and their fine cuisine served (as opposed to the buckets of chips we all used to order when out for a night). From start to finish, my evening was absolutely flawless at the Fox & Anchor. 

Before I give you a quick glimpse of the highlights of the stay I just wanted to note a few things that have made the Fox & Anchor clearly stick out as a cut above the rest:

  • The best oysters I have ever had in London, if not the entire world… they were so sweet and fresh that the BF and I could have easily enjoyed at least two dozen more.
  • We were seated in a romantic little cubby set away from the rest of the pub which was so wildly romantic. If you call and ask for a reservation for two, I’d definitely recommend asking this little nook. It’s candlelit and amazingly private. You’ll only be disturbed by the friendly staff as they check to make sure your ale or wine supply hasn’t fallen too low.
  • When we got to the room we were seduced by the wonderful little touches in the room – Miller Harris products, Fox & Anchor touches everywhere from the anchor pull in the bathroom to the decadent bath. 
  • We both slept like the dead in a bed that was extremely comfortable. I should also mention that the rooms came with dark shades so as to allow for sleep ins long after the London sun has greeted the day.  It was also so quiet you would never know you were sleeping above a lively pub. You honestly couldn’t hear a thing. That’s a big plus as even my own flat is noisier than this home away from home.
  • Location, location, location… I love the fact that this pub/hotel is located just on the edge of the square mile. It meant that the BF and I had only a ten minute walk into work. So you city goers, this is a pub to keep in mind that acts as a great place for a brew, dinner or a place to rest your head after a long day punching the numbers.

Without further ado… here’s a look at our stay at the Fox & Anchor…

Fox &  Anchor, 115 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6AA

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Fox & Anchor.


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