Discovered: A Paper Birkin Bag

There are few things at fashion week that surprise me these days. Once you’ve sat through a few seasons you reckon you’ve seen it all from crazy couples dressed exactly the same from head to toe to single men appearing wearing only lace on their face and a pair of jean cut offs when it’s only 2 degrees outside! You can understand when I say that few things shock me anymore.

However, as I sat waiting for the Temperley show to start in London my attention was grabbed by one of the most fascinating things I had ever seen… a paper Birkin bag! I kid you not, this was really happening. And just to prove to myself that I wasn’t actually losing my mind, I stopped the owner (Sandra of 5 inch and up) to ask if it would be possible to take photographic evidence of what I was seeing. I had to share with all of my readers the existence of such a bag! So there you go… in case you haven’t seen one before… a paper Birkin bag! Amazing… I’m still stunned!


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