Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids… up close and personal with the collection

This morning Diane von Furstenberg for Gap Kids launched in London. I was invited along to the Oxford Street store to have a look at the collection first hand.  My first reaction – never have I wished so much that I had a bunch of little girls. If I did, all they would be wearing this summer is DVF for Gap! For years I have worshipped at the alter of Furstenberg. There are only a handful of women in fashion who truly understand how to make a woman look 100% sexy, classy and absolutely magnificent and DVF is definitely a part of that posse. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that her new collection is one that will set young girls on the right path for the future. In sizes from baby to 14 girls, this is a collection you’ll want to buy for every year of your baby girl’s life. In fact,  I ran into one woman… pregnant… that was doing just that. She was buying from newborn to near-teenager and everything in between. The gray t-shirt onesie is enough to make one break down in tears right there and then in the shop. And yes, I nearly did. 

I feel sorry for Mr. FFG this evening as I’ll come home and drop the big bomb…”I want kids.” He’ll ask why and I’ll respond, “Because if they are girls they can grow up wearing DVF.”  And right there, that’s where I’ll lose the argument as he’ll remind me that babies don’t take kindly to a mother saying, “I’ll be right with you darling, I’m just filing this last story on the blog… amuse yourself by admiring your brand new DVF dress.”

For those of you with beautiful young daughters, granddaughter, nieces or friends… here’s a look at some of my favourite picks from the collection and details I absolutely adore…


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