Coach bag love… hello Bleecker Striped Canvas Tote!

Thank goodness my Fashion Foie Gras Tote for Coach can’t read my blog as if it could it would see that I am about to commit the worst sort of bag adultery possible. I’ve designed my very own tote for Coach and yet I’m still salivating all over my keyboard as I am introduced to the Bleecker Striped Canvas Tote. Oh dear handbag Gods…why have you done this to me? This gorgeous creature must be mine! But I’ll have to sneak it around town like some sort of ashamed mistress. I’m not going to lie here. It will feel good…oh so good… to have this bag swinging from my shoulder filled with all my worldly possessions. However, I am scared of bringing it back to the US with me as I know for a fact my mother will steal it right from underneath my nose…


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