The best pantsuit for the summer of 2012…from Tibi

Don’t you love when you are just casually shopping online and trip onto that one piece that comes at  you like a shooting star? My heart pretty much stopped entirely for one or two seconds as I zoomed in on the gorgeous Cameo Pantsuit from Tibi while scanning through the new items in at Shopbop. Yes, I pressed the dreaded purchase button but let me explain my reasoning behind investing in $695 dress pantsuit. 

First of all, this is an outfit in one. All you need is a great pair of shoes (can be heels or flats depending on your height and length of jumpsuit) and you can walk straight out the door. If you look at any other outfit you put together and add up the cost of separates, accessories and various layering experiments I think you may find one outfit doesn’t stray far from this price mark. Yes, that’s my warped way of justifying a completely extravagant spend. But can you blame me? Just look at it! Gorgeous!


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