Belle Femme beauty takes on the fashion goose…

I’d been on the ground in Dubai for only three hours when I received a call from the beautiful Hind from Expose Comms informing me that my makeover squad would be making an appearance in my suite at the Ritz in about 60-90 minutes. Call me crazy but I expected maybe two people coming in with a little bit of kit, a hair dryer and a few brushes. However, as I opened the door at 1:30pm I was greeted by five women who were each rolling a wheelie bag behind them. Within five minutes the girls of Belle Femme had set up a full on hair and nail salon in the suite’s living room. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

You can only imagine the look on Red Carpet Fashion Award’s face as she walked in to find two women drying my hair, one woman on each foot and another working from hand to hand on a manicure. As soon as she walked in the room the women divided and conquered and both of us were under the beauty instruction of trained professionals! 

The end result was a massive head of hair and some mighty fine looking fingers and toes! We were both all groomed and ready to hit the town for the official My-Wardrobe launch party at the Ritz in Dubai!

A huge thank you to the girls from Belle Femme who truly made us all feel like movie stars getting ready for our red carpet debut. If only every day could be so sweet…

If you are in Dubai, I’d highly recommend calling these girls up if you need a bit of spoiling…


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