Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2012

No matter how many times I see an Alexander McQueen show, I will never ever grow tired of the anticipation that grows before the first look, the drama that is presented from the first to the last catwalk model and the magic that seems to live within each inch of fabric used to create the garments. For ten minutes the world around you fades away and you are taken to a world that was built entirely by one man and now has been passed down to one incredible woman. Sarah Burton has taken the fantasy that Lee McQueen built and crafted her own magical world in his honour. 

For autumn winter 2012 she gave us a look at the future and I don’t just mean six months ahead in time. Burton seems to have skipped two to three decades ahead in time. Her models were presented wearing metallic visors that reminded viewers of something we’d see in the movie Tron or Back to The Future 2. But I wouldn’t put it past the fashion crowd to accept those visors as the “sunglasses” for the later 2012. The show started quite innocently with a stream of white making you think of snow queens and extreme luxury (although it’s McQueen so everything is extreme luxury).  However, as the show progressed we were introduced to colour… soft at first and then exploding with blacks, reds and puffy pinks towards the end. There was plenty “to wear” in this collection but there was even more to just dream of wearing… That’s the beauty of McQueen… The Dream…


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