Touring the Gucci Museo… and stopping for some fabulous Italian food!

So continuing on our journey through Italy, our final stop on the “Gucci trip of a lifetime” was the Gucci Museo in Florence. The museum is located on one of the most famous squares in Florence and is right next door to the Palazzo Vecchio. Basically, they couldn’t have picked a better location!

Upon arrival in the museum we all gathered around a long dining table for a bit of lunch to fill our tummies before heading into the museum, which has over three floors of Gucci history on display. As you’ll want to spend all day wondering in and out of rooms filled with dresses, bags, jewelry and more, I’d recommend doing the same before you step into the fashion heaven that awaits you. The Gucci Museo cafe should be a part of the entire experience. When else will you get to eat delicious food off a Gucci logo-ed placemate, fill your tea with Gucci shaped sugar cubes and devour pasta from a Gucci signature plate? There are no other locations that spring to mind… so you get my drift!

Now for the Gucci Museo… there was so much to see that my camera nearly went on strike as I was snapping. In all I took over 600 pictures and when it came down to editing I had to seriously restrain myself from sharing everything. You see I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for you completely as half the fun in visiting the Gucci Museo is discovering these gems for yourself for the very first time.

So this is but a small preview of some of my favourite pieces I found while visiting Gucci Museo… oh, and also a quick look at our super fabulous cafe lunch…enjoy!


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