Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 2012

“Unique goes utilitarian”…that’s the way I’m describing the autumn winter collection for 2012 from Topshop Unique. It’s a whole different look for the brand and it will sell! My goodness, will it ever sell. All I heard on the way out of the venue were discussions of price and whether or not people will be able to get their hands on it before selling out. You’d think they were talking about a Tom Ford collaboration with H&M rather than a Topshop Unique show. But times are a changing and Topshop is showing that they are flexible and ready to sway with the winds of change for the future of fashion.

This collection was one which truly showcased a tough look for a medium price point. Instead of having to drop £1650 to look like a styled bad-ass, now looking tough while feminine will cost you a fraction of the price (or so we price points are ever revealed on the day of showing). We were also paying close attention to accessories such as footwear and bags. Both show great potential as they follow in the footsteps of functional yet fashionable. The only statement made on the catwalk today that didn’t get my full support was the injection of velvet. Can’t stand the stuff. That’s a personal opinion though as I know there are those of you that can’t get enough. However, there’s plenty to choose from without ever going near the velvet so I won’t give it another thought.

All in all, this was a show that stands head and shoulders above what we’ve seen before in the 21 seasons showcased before this one. A massive congrats to the whole team at Topshop for presenting a wonderful new look for the brand.

A look at the finale…


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