Temperley London for Filofax… The Guinea!

I’ve been carrying my Filofax Osterley planner now for two seasons and everytime I take it out to make notes I’m greeted with a complimentary remark about my choice of accessory. I am always proud to announce it’s Filofax and I think more than a few people have switched over since. I can’t take credit for that, however as it was Filofax who put that gorgeous piece in my hands. That wasn’t me being a style diva. Right place, right time and right planner, I say! 

But the Osterley has gone into hiding now. It’s not because I don’t love it but rather because I’ve been shown an even more fashionable side of Filofax thanks to Alice Temperley. Yes, the two have come together to create a pair of organizers like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The Guinea is now my planner of choice and it’s so unbelievably gorgeous I’m actually surprised everytime I unzip it and reveal a planner within. It honestly just looks like a bad arse clutch! 

Temperley for Filofax’s The Guinea has a textured calfskin leather exterior which is printed to resemble guinea fowl feathers. So, so clever! It’s embellished with a gold framework and when unzipped will reveal numerous surprises from HIX recipes to festivals around the world that Alice Temperley personally recommends we attend. Understand now why I’m so smitten? Take a closer look if you’re still in doubt…(oh, and if you like this one you have to check out the other planner that looks exactly like the last Temperley London dress worn by Kate Middleton!)

Temperley London for Filofax is a limited edition run so grab yours quickly! They are available to purchase now on Selfridges.com  The Guinea is priced at £399 and The Affair (the Kate Middleton planner as I’m calling it) is £375.


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