Temperley Autumn Winter 2012

Temperley London…. you see, I don’t even know where to start here. While we were backstage we heard mutterings about what was to come. There were words like “Russia” and “Regal” being thrown around here and there but still not real indication of what we would see. It took all the willpower in the world not to tweet hints to the arriving crowds of industry insiders. 

The hairstyles were varied and there was some indication that we would be seeing hats in the mix. The makeup was truly spectacular and Lancome brought out the most beautiful looks in the model’s natural skin. It was all about glowing and looking healthy and it would only take moments for us to understand why. 

As the show began, the first model stepped out onto the catwalk wearing a massive fur hat and a wonderfully extravagent embroidered gown. What was to follow left me and my entire row gasping as each new look was revealed. Again, unfortunately, these are pieces that truly most be viewed up close and personal in order to really see the extreme to which they are to be adored and worshipped. 

I must admit that as I sat waiting for the show to begin I did wonder if Alice Temperley would be looking to Kate Middleton for inspiration, as she has taken quite a shine to wearing Temperley since she has been in the spotlight. However, it was quite the contrary. If anything Temperley was sending a message to the world that she is a designer who sets her own course and it’s the celebs that follow, not the other way around. And for that we love her even more. Truly, this show was memorable from start to finish and I definitely think we will be seeing a lot more of these dresses in the spotlight soon!

Here’s a better look at the collection on the final run through…

Runway images via style.com


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