A special thank you to Handpicked Media and sponsors

This weekend as I ran from show to show I found myself with a few half hour breaks between shows at Somerset House. In season’s past this would have meant I would be spending my time on Tom’s Terrace at Somerset House with my laptop balancing on my lap as I sipped a glass of wine…way too early in the day! Although Handpicked Media changed all that this weekend as they opened a special bloggers lounge in a suite at One Aldwych Hotel. It was home away from home… or more like a home I imagine I could one day have. You could have a massage, watch Glee, eat chocolate, try on and borrow clothes from Warehouse and even blog from four Intel laptops in the suite. I was in heaven and had the best time laughing and talking about shows with some of my closest friends in London who are all part of the Handpicked family. I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Krista and Debbie at Handpicked for turning what could have been a really hectic weekend into an enjoyable fashion frenzy!


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