Pringle declares Turtlenecks a must have for Autumn Winter 2012

I went through a stage in my life where I was obsessed with turtlenecks. I was 15 so it wasn’t like I was trying to hide a turkey neck or a double chin. I just loved the feel of a cozy turtleneck and way in which they made me sit up a bit straighter. Now, as I get on in years I realize that the turtleneck is not only fabulous for hiding a wide array of skin sins but also marvelous for layering and enhancing ones wardrobe. Whether that turtleneck is a staple or a fabulous statement piece, every woman should own at least one.

Now that I’ve sounded off on turtlenecks, I’ll move to the topic at hand and what had me thinking of them in the first place – Pringle!  This season Alastair Carr took to the turtleneck like a fish to water. They were part of nearly every look and they were accompanied by fabulous coats and paired with creative pants (I particularly loved the pair that made the model look like she was wearing knee high boots rather than pant legs).

While I am not crazy about every look that marched down the catwalk for Pringle, there were moments when my eyebrows were raised and my mind raced to the amount sitting in savings…. could I afford that coat with the giant pink lapels? We’ll see come September!
Images courtesy of Pringle


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