My 2012 Skin Care Resolutions

1. Hydrate!

This actually might be the most important resolution I make and that’s why it’s first. I promise to drink 2 liters of a water a day. In every beauty column I’ve ever read I’ve always heard to drink, drink, drink. H2O is skin’s best friend! So start pouring.

2. Remove makeup every night before going to bed.

No matter how late it is or how tired I may be I have to make time to remove all makeup before laying my head down to rest. After having heard that your skin ages up to 3 days for every night you sleep in makeup… I’m no longer walking up looking like a panda!

3. Exfoliate three times a week.

Ladies, you have to get rid of the old to make room for the new and the same rules apply to your skin. I plan on scrubbing at least three times a week to allow for a healthy new glow to shine through on a regular basis.

4. Moisturize

As we get older our skin requires assistance in keeping rich and healthy. Thus the importance of a good moisturizer. So every morning and every night, I’m becoming a moisturizing momma!

5. Sterilize tools regularly – wash clothes, brushes, sponges, etc.

I’ve been horrible in keeping up to date with changing out tools used on a daily basis. Brushes, sponges and cloths can build up with bacteria over time and end up doing more harm than good if not replaced on a regular basis. So I’m adding a reminder for each and every month in my iPhone calendar!

6. Wear sunscreen.

I never did this as a youth and I’m paying for it as an adult. The sun feels good, gives you a great tan and lots of Vitamin D. It also ages us…and quickly! So I’m slapping on the sunscreen for 2012.

7. Sleep!

Eight hours a night, every night. The body needs time to rest and restore and it’s about time I did just that. No more three hour naps for a night of sleep.

8. Read the ingredients on the back of beauty labels.

We all need to be more aware of what we’re putting on our faces. We pay so much attention on a daily basis to what we put in our mouths but regularly use cosmetics and skincare that contain multiple additives that negate all our hard work in keeping our bodies healthy with food choices.

9. Spoil myself with regular facials.

They’re not always cheap but they do always make me glow and feel fabulous so I’m making them a regular part of my schedule.

10. Use eye cream.

I’m now in my 30s. (ugh!) It’s time I stopped pretending that my no wrinkles face will last forever! Eye Cream is a must.

So what’s this all about you may ask? Well I’m proud to announce that in my search for better skin health this year, I’ve become an ambassador for Simple Skincare. For those of you living in the UK you’ll already be VERY familiar with this brand. Americans, on the other hand, are only just being introduced the entire product range (specifically facial care products),which will start appearing on US beauty shelves this month. Simple Skincare a range of products designed for people with sensitive skin, and has no dyes, perfumes, or harsh chemicals (how great, right?!). Since I’ve always been a big fan of the brand, I’m helping Simple spread the world… it’s that simple (any chance for a pun, eh?). Check back each month for articles, tweets and posts about sensitive skin and the program.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin.


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