Kate Middleton’s Banana Republic dress

The Kate Middleton effect on fashion has been felt the world over but in no location more prominently than the UK. Kate regularly wears UK High Street and causes mass chaos as soon as the pictures hit the wires. Dresses, sweaters, coats and bags have all become instant sell outs as soon as someone tweets where to find what Kate’s wearing or carrying. So what’s a retailer to do if they want a piece of the action? Well, Banana Republic may have found the recipe for success. 

Remember The Duchess of Cambridge’s Reiss dress she wore to meet The President and First Lady of the United States? It sold out in hours and hit eBay commanding ridiculous prices within days. Everyone wanted that lovely ladylike sheath for high teas with mothers in laws or special events with the boyfriend’s boss and wife. It was a gorgeous and simple design and the price point was just about perfect. But, it’s sold out and that’s that. Only it isn’t….

Banana Republic were clearly “inspired” by the design as they’ve just recently launched the “Kate Sheath” which is currently on sale for $130 and comes in both black and the nude colour that Kate made famous. We’ve seen high street copying high end but this has to be a first for high street covering high street. It’s an interesting take on things and even more interesting that while BR call their dress the Kate, use models that look like Kate to advertise the dress and even accessorize the Kate similar to the way in which the Duchess wore it first, they do not make any direct reference to the fact that the garment is in fact inspired by Prince William’s wife.

So what enquiring minds really want to know is if you’ll be buying it?


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