Interviewing Jean Charles de Castelbajac

If you follow Fashion Foie Gras on twitter, you’ll know that this weekend I was gallivanting around France with Land Rover and On|Off on a fashion themed road trip from Lille to Paris. Along the way we stopped in on various friends and familiar faces as the big city prepared itself for Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012. There were a few interviews this weekend that had me nervous…very nervous in fact. It’s not everyday that you get to meet fashion legends, shake their hands and pick their brains on camera. Jean Charles de Castelbajac was perhaps the most nerve racking of all the interviews. I was so nervous about meeting him that it felt like someone had turned facets on in the palms of my hands. Jean Charles de Castelbajac is legendary. It’s actually ridiculous that I’m writing that as of course you already know that. I am, however, pleased to report that the living legend is absolutely charming and with only days to go before his show in Paris, he was cool as a cucumber and lovely as can be. Not only did he give us full access to his studio for the interview but he also gave us a complete look at the collection! Anyone that knows designers these days will know that this is virtually unheard of. Jean Charles de Castelbajac even allowed me to be the first to “leak” an image of the collection… so I know you are going to want to see that first and foremost and as your wish is my command….

Now most of you know that Jean Charles de Castelbajac is known for making wearable art. However, his new collection shows a whole new side to the designer. Yes, it is still wearable art but it is a collection that will grab the attention of EVERY woman on earth. I was seduced from the first dress to the last sweater and wanted it all. I wish I could tell you more and it’s killing me keeping quiet on this sort of information. But, the collection debuts on March 6th in Paris so you know I’ll be putting up a full review right after! Trust me, you’ll want to see what Jean Charles de Castelbajac has on offer. Hold on a second though, let’s let the man himself give you some hints as to what’s in store… Here’s my interview with the man, the legend, the gorgeous Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Jean Charles de Castelbajac from On|Off TV on Vimeo.

There’s so much more to say but I don’t want to bombard you all at once… so take this in and come back for more including a first look at the collection with close ups shot in the studio (to be shared after the show has taken place), a complete look at the new campaign for Jean Charles de Castelbajac’s new collection with his sons and a sneak preview at the book Jean Charles de Castelbajac is getting ready to release at Collette in Paris!


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