House of Holland Autumn Winter 2012

I don’t think I have ever seen so much houndstooth in my life. While the show started off with a Tour de France feel and a brief stop in with brilliant zigzags, it ended with us all seeing houndstooth and not much else. We should have had some indication that this would be a major part of Henry’s show after seeing his invite – a houndstooth print iPhone cover (which I do find interesting as it was only a few seasons ago that Holland was working to promote Blackberry…was the European outage enough for him to change his tune entirely when it comes to working with the phone and is he now an iPhone devotee?).

I left the show feeling a bit deflated as I had just watched a bunch of garments walk down the runway with a print I have nearly always associated with the dodgy end of the high street. Half the items for houndstooth perhaps would have been better but I put it all down to editing…. it needed to be edited more thoroughly.  That being said, I came home and looked at the collection again online and edited my original comments on the show. After seeing them in full frontal glory and looking at how the pieces could be styled as separates I began to appreciate what Holland had done here. And when I looked at the “evening” and cocktail dresses that were shown, I had to write that actually arranging the houndstooth in a sparkly and seemingly sporadic manner was a work of utter genius.

One thing can definitely now be said for this collection… any time any one wears houndstooth in AW12, we’ll always reference House of Holland.


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