Fashion Library: Style Me Vintage by Naomi Thompson

A few years ago now I had the great pleasure in meeting the Queen of vintage herself… Miss Naomi Thompson. My first impression was one I’ll never forget. This was a woman who embraced a fabulous vintage look and made me immediately think I had entered some sort of time warp. I was envious of her incredible talent for seeking out fabulous items and making her ensembles look amazingly unique and of a different time entirely. And of course I’m always the last to know about these fabulous individuals in London it seems. Naomi has actually been featured just about everywhere you can imagine when it comes to print from Vogue to the Sunday Times Style Magazine. As a stylist and personal shopper, Naomi knows her vintage better than nearly anyone else I can think of in this industry. That might be why she also runs a successful online venture and has recently published a book all about buying vintage. Naomi recently sent me over a copy of Style Me Vintage: Clothes: A Guide to Sourcing and Creating Retro Looks to review.

Up until today I couldn’t tell you the first thing about buying vintage or putting a vintage look together. I’m a newbie girl. And you know what? Shame on me for being that way. After reading Naomi’s book I’ve come away inspired and ready to take on the hunt. Although, I’ve just had a thought. If I’m telling you about this and you go buy the book and learn all the same secrets, we’ll be in direct competition. I obviously didn’t think this out too well. All that aside, if you are interested in jumping into vintage, this is a great book to buy. It’s also a great book for those who already adore vintage and want to learn more about how and where to buy!


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