Elle France uses a plus size model for their February cover

Tara Lynn, currently one of the world’s most famous faces in plus size modelling, stands tall and flaunts those fabulous hips for the cover of Elle France February 2012. Well bloody bravo, France! Try to think hard, ladies and gents, about when you last saw a plus sized model on any other glossy fashion magazines in the UK or USA (no counting celebs like Christina Hendricks). This happens once in a blue moon! So we’d just like to take the chance, while we have it, to say we are loving this look of a real woman representing the national average out there. However, we’ll just add one thing. Why, once again, is minimal clothing used? There’s nothing wrong with putting a real woman on a cover in a gorgeous hip hugging Donna Karan dress?  Oh well, beggers can’t be choosers these days!


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