Elie Tahari Autumn Winter 2012

I’ve been wearing Elie Tahari for nearly a decade and I still think of him as my best kept secret…even though truly he is no secret at all. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been stopped and asked where a dress, a skirt of a handbag (hello, remember the Emmy Rossum bag?) has come from. The answer is usually Elie Tahari and after seeing what he has on tap for Autumn Winter I can tell you that the patterns will continue and Elie will be my secret weapon in fashion once again. 

This season everything from the snoods and bags to the snoods and jackets are super fabulous. How about a blue motorcycle jacket that has, what I like to call, “hip helpers” aka flares in the jacket that sit just above the hips…is there a formal term for this? Who cares! The jacket is hip, edgy and 100% modern! In fact, I’m in love with every leather jacket in this collection and will just come out and say they may be my favourite above all else show here from the blue to the maroon. 

Now let’s talk about this blue as Elie seemed to run from start to the near finish working with shades of the colour from turquoise to deep navy. It’s a tough colour to crack as most women shudder at the thought of matching things with navy blue. Was Mr. Tahari trying to crack this problem for us all? By the near 30th look I was ready for something else….ask and you shall receive as the shades turned towards the red end of the spectrum and finished on a metallic note. There’s plenty to work with here this season, ladies… so if you don’t already shop Tahari, this might be a good intro season for you. For the long haul worshippers, there’s plenty here to update your existing Tahari collections.


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