Christopher Kane Autumn Winter 2012

Mad but beautiful and full of pieces we’ll all be wanting come Autumn Winter… that’s Christopher Kane this season. Let’s start with the blue leopard print jacket paired with the amazing print skirt. Both are fantastic statements in their own right but together spell out a major wow factor. I’m not sure I’d be able to pull off that look but oh how I wish I could. Instead I’ll try my hand at working one at a time as any look will be distinctly chic with just one element at play. Kane once again draws us in not only with his unique colours but also his unique shapes for garments. His dress with leather contrast piping, which features so many cut outs I feel like I’m witnessing origami at its finest, has me absolutely spellbound. But the magic doesn’t stop there. 

We all know how crazy I am about leopard print! So when look after look on the Kane runway appeared with leopard on show I went mad. If I could I would have jumped out of my seat and rushed the runway to steal the look straight from the show. That, however, would have pretty much guaranteed my exit from the world of fashion so I kept still and resisted the urge.

Other favourites included the lone fur coat and the absolutely stunning red tuxedo pant! Mark my words… you will see these pants everywhere! They are genius on another level of genius and will sell out so ready your credit cards lady and hit Christopher Kane early!


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