Adriana Lima’s 5 hours of flag waving for Kia Motors Superbowl Ad teaser

 Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima waves a flag for 5 hours in slow motion all in an attempt to drum up attention for her forthcoming Superbowl ad debut in a Kia Motor spot. This is certainly the longest teaser, if not the longest Youtube, that we’ve ever heard of! It’s an interesting approach. So far the youtube statistics are showing that this video is most popular with men of all ages. What a surprise. What’s most fun here is reading the comments that are piling up on the video. So far our top five are:

  1.  well, its less boring than American football
  2. So where is the hot chick?  All I see is a skeleton wrapped in skin, no chest-besides some tini-wini silly-cones, no hips, bony legs with no thighs, and the only thing thick on her is her waist. Over rated beyond measure. This is what a woman is supposed to look like?
  3.  I liked the part where the girl was waving the flag!
  4. Adriana Lima’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel so she’s like SUPER SUPER famous
  5. Comment removed (one can only imagine what was written here… that’s why we love it)

If you have five hours to spare… knock yourself out…


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