Yes, I too love a good Jessica Simpson Heel…

“Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” was right… Jessica Simpson shoes are nice! I’ll admit that I own a few pairs. Hey, we’re all friends here, right? The thing about Simpson’s heels is that you would never know they are Jessica Simpson (unless of course you also shop there). There have been many times that her shoes have been mistaken for Louboutins or Manolos (ugh, I can feel the PRs rolling their eyes at me when they read this… not every girl in the world can tell the difference between them, ladies).  

At the end of the day, if a shoe looks great it doesn’t matter where the hell you bought it. So I’m proud to say I love this heel from Jesssica Simpson called the Evangel. It’s $98 and looks like it should cost $698. To me, that’s a bargain and a great looking leg at the end of the day.


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