Supermodels…make your boyfriends taller!

I know all too well the dilemmas involved in being too tall when it comes to dating. This fashion goose stands at a staggering 6’2 and I find myself more often than not talking backstage at fashion week with models that find common ground in complaining about the lack of tall men out there.Yes, I know it must sound ridiculous to anyone listening in and having to hear a bunch of gorgeous models complain about not finding men. These women are supermodels for goodness sake! They shouldn’t have any trouble at all. But my oh my would you be surprised. 

So last February I was having a good chin wag with a very familiar face and we were debating the benefits of even one inch as we are both dating men that are slightly shorter than we are. Just that one inch would be oh so helpful when we’re wearing six inch heels and towering seven inches above them. Ok, who are we kidding? That inch doesn’t really matter all that much. However, I’ve just forwarded the Look Taller Shoe Lift to said model and she’s informed me she’s just purchased two. While she may get away with such antics I’m not sure Mr. FFG would find it so amusing (at $4.51 per pair though, I think I may give it a go). However, I did forward him an article from the Daily Mail last week which featured a young man who underwent extreme surgery to be just three inches taller! I suggested we could look into it. He laughed. Thank God!

So here I am sharing with the masses of supermodels out there a trick that may prove useful should you find yourself needing just that one extra inch and you have a BF that’s accommodating in walking like a duck while he learns how to use the lifts. 

For everyone else, suck it up and feel confident in the fact that when a shorter man is seen with a taller women the whole world is wondering what he has that everyone else doesn’t… (or at least that’s what I’m told ;))


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