Plus Size to Supermodel with the help of a Vacuum…

A new advert from LG Vacuums has just been released on youtube which features a regular sized model who at the end of the advert is revealed as a plus size model who was simply having all her fat sucked into the vacuum during the photoshoot.

Oh me, oh my. Where to start here? Maybe with the fact that being clever can sometimes make you look like a complete and utter ass. Somehow I don’t think this commercial would have lasted five seconds on American or British soil. The people would be rioting outside LG vacuums. Well, either that or buying every last one to avoid dieting in the new year.

Here’s the sad truth: while this advert is disturbing on a thousand and one different levels, it’s also entirely applicable to our world. We’re a society that’s constantly looking for quick fixes. If a vacuum existed that could make us all supermodel from plus sized, there would be a waiting list two miles long. So while this advert is disgusting, it’s also extremely smart. While it will leave many with a bad taste in their mouth, that taste will be replaced as we reach for another Krispy Kreme doughnut and eat our worries away rather than working hard to change our bodies. There’s a lesson to be learned here, folks.

Love or hate this commercial, you simply can’t ignore it and that’s why LG vacuums will receive more recognition than ever before since its founding. Hell, the video has only been up a week and already 1 million people have tuned in!


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