Overplucked eyebrows help….?

Alright so we all know there are tons of products on the market for getting rid of unsightly facial hair and keeping those eyebrows in line. However, I’ve really started to see that my eyebrows (after many years of having them shaped) are looking a little too thin these days and I am in need of some serious assistance in getting them back to full and fabulous. I’ve heard of that crazy surgery you can have where they shave the back of your head and use the hairs as implants for your eyebrows. I do not have the cash or the pain threshold required for such a procedure, so that’s scratched completely!

So other options… Last week at a press event I heard a woman talking about a new miracle product for her eyelashes and she mentioned she was using it on her brows as well. I’m not going to sugarcoat what I did next. I marched right up to her and said, “you don’t know me but can you please tell me what you’re using as I’m looking for a miracle.” I’m not lying when I say I had brow and lash envy seeing this woman.  Now she told me her secret was Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes to Die for Platinum. So I found the product over on Cult Beauty and while it is cheaper than a full on hair transplant, it’s still £94.

The reviews on the site seem positive…here’s one example:

Oh I will never be without one of these. I love love love it. Ever since I started using it on my barely there non existent eyelashes, a completely full set of thick, long and healthy ones have appeared. This is a beautiful product, I use it just before I go to bed and let it do its magic…. Full marks!!

Seems pretty good right? But what I want to know is have any of you ever tried this or other similar products and do they work?

The world wants to know… how do I get my brows back without pain?!


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