One Night at One Aldwych London

London Fashion Week out-of-towners, this one’s for you. Last weekend Fashion Foie Gras popped into the chicest and closest hotel to London Fashion Week’s tents at Somerset House. We stayed at the famous One Aldwych, which is literally a five minute walk to the tents of LFW. For those of you that attend fashion week you’ll know that closer is always better. You don’t want to stretch any walk more than 5 minutes when you are wearing six inch stilettos and an outfit that “doesn’t do walking.”

So that’s why we are recommending One Aldwych as the place to stay for London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012. Need to know more? Here’s a run down of 24 hours in the posh palatial digs…

6pm: check in
From the moment you step into the lobby you know this hotel is a stickler for the details. The arrival desk is a friendly and open environment, uncluttered and modern in design. As the elevator doors open to shuttle us to our floor, we are immediately bathed in pink light and would find that each elevator ride for the rest of our stay would find us smiling at a new colour scheme. It’s a simple but memorable touch at the start of your journey. Our stay would mean we called room 218 a home for our London staycation.

6:05 arrival in the room
Space comes at a premium in London. Most hotel rooms these days have about as much square footage as an American walk in closet. However, One Aldwych was generous with their allocation of space for each guest room. A king size bed is of course the focus of the decor, but the details around the bed make the atmosphere feel modern yet comfortable. Macaroons great us at our bedside, always a fabulous touch in our book, and our windows overlook the hustle and bustle of London’s theatre district. When the shades are drawn one feels as if they are actually floating above the streets and stuck in space. For this sort of atmosphere we’d suggest you request a corner room.

6:30: drinks in the lobby
The lobby of the One Aldwych is a regular haunt for many fashion week goers. The massive room (and trust us when you say “massive”) has a wonderfully sociable vibe. Oversized club chairs and sofas break up the huge room and guests mingle with elaborate cocktails in hand. The cocktails are deadly delicious. They taste so good you forget you are actually drinking an alcoholic beverage. We all know this can be problematic so we kept to the motto “slow and steady”. However, it was tempting to make our way through the menu as we had serious drink envy watching others receive gorgeous champagne cocktails and fruit martinis.

7:30 dinner at the hotel’s Indigo Restaurant
Dinner was delightful. We were seated at a table overlooking the lobby bar and the buzz from the bar definitely carried over and up into the restaurant. The service was impeccable with waiters who were attentive to every level of our glasses and cleaning of our plates. Dishes were served quickly and each course was delicious and not overfilling. We’ve already booked two reservations for nights during London Fashion Week as this seems the perfect location to take a dinner meeting.

10:00 lights out in room 218
After two lovely cocktails and a shared bottle of wine, this fashion goose was ready to indulge in the Californian King sized bed back in room 218. A bath was drawn, tv watched while soaking and the plate of macaroons consumed entirely (so much for the sugar detox).
I slipped into bed and fell asleep within moments of my head hitting the pillow.

9:00am breakfast
The next morning we were up early as we had a photoshoot in the room set to begin at noon (more on that later). So we grabbed the papers, which had been placed in a cabinet outside our door, and headed down to Indigo once again. This time the menu contained a number of wonderful breakfast delights including one of my ultimate favourites… French toast! I was in heaven and could have sat there all day enjoying papers, sweet breakfast treats and flowing coffee. Alas, not every hotel stay can last forever… Unless of course the One Aldwych would like to lay claim to a grown up fashionista. I’d be happy to take up residence!

Here’s a look at our hotel adventure at One Aldwych…


A huge thank you to the staff at One Aldwych for making my stay memorable, delicious and comfortable! We’ll definitely be back!


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