A “natural” sized modeling agency?

So we have the “normal” or “straight” sized modeling agencies, we have the plus size modelling agencies… so what’s missing? Oh right, the “average” sized modelling agencies. So at the moment loads of online blogs/publications are now writing about an agency that has models size 6-10 featured. Well, yes, they do have some on the books but Natural Models Agency is still primarily focused on the plus size arena when it comes to models. So rather than speaking out about the size 6-10 girls they have online as breaking news, I’m celebrating the fact that this is a modelling agency that does not market themselves as a “plus size” or “+”! 

Natural Models is marketing itself exactly as it should be… as an agency that looks after models who are in fact “natural” (see video below). Imagine that as a concept! The girls are curvy and beautiful and not told to starve themselves between castings. So while you may read about the rantings of this novel concept on other blogs, take a second to check out the site and praise the founder, Katie Halchishick, for her novel approach to booking natural talents.

And for those of you out there writing about fashion that are still thinking size 6-10 is “average”, I’d suggest looking at the figures these days that are suggesting the national average in the USA is actually a size 14-16. That sure is a far cry from a size 6. And in closing, can we talk about how warped our world is that the “smaller than average size” is considered so out of place in today’s marketplace. Retailers…do not listen to the brainwashed folks in fashion who believe size 0-2 is the only way to go! There is a giant piece of the puzzle missing for women sized 10-18 these days. They have money to spend and a great deal of trouble spending it… if you want stories, come to me… I’ve plenty to share.

For more info on this, read a great article on the whole thing over on Fashionista.com


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