London and New York change fashion week dates!

So you may remember a few months back (October 2011) the fashion community was all in a tizzy when Milan announced that their SS13 fashion week dates would overlap with New York and London’s weeks, thereby cutting fashion week in half for New York and cutting out London completely. The result would have meant editors everywhere breaking down in an effort to show allegiance to one brand or another by choosing New York, London or Milan. To make a long story short (and trust us, it was a long story), a lot of big players got involved (CFDA, Conde Nast, etc) and tried to convince the Milan Chamber of Commerce to change their dates back to the original plan agreed upon by all the fashion rulers amongst us. Milan more or less said “screw you” and kept it’s plan.  Things went quiet for a while. But, today…we have an update…

WWD has just reported that New York and London have both agreed to be the bigger people here and just move their dates. NYFW will take place from Sept 6th-13th, followed by LFW Sept 14th-18th, MFW Sept 18th-25th and finally PFW Sept 25th-Oct 2nd.

Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of the CFDA said today, “We’ve been back and forth on this. People are anxious and need to know the dates. There’s no value for the cities to compete. In the spirit of working together, London and New York are in agreement that we will go in the earlier period, but with the hope that the four cities will come out of this confusion and work together to plan future show weeks. We need to begin to look at the fashion season not as individual fashion weeks, but very much as a global business.”

So in reality the saga continues… but for now we can at least be comfortable in the fact that fashion weeks will continue with enough time between them for transatlantic flights!


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