Kate Middleton ‘covers’ Tatler again…

You might remember FFG tweeted the Kate Middleton Tatler cover last weekend when it first broke in the Daily Telegraph! Well, Tatler have just released the full image on their Facebook page and we thought we’d give you a better look at the cover and not only that but a look back on what clever Tatler have artfully done to make both Kate and Pippa cover stars over the past year. 

Kate Middleton has now been on both the February 2011 and February 2012 covers of Tatler but has yet to sit for a photoshoot for the magazine. Pippa, who appeared on August 2011’s cover, has also never sat for the magazine. However, all three covers feature the sisters as cover models. In fact that latest cover of Tatler featuring Kate is just downright misleading. For those of us that are familiar with each and every shot of the sisters (yes, we’re that sad…but hey, it comes with the job), you’ll recognize these photos from official photo ops or outings in which the press have captured them in action. Clever, Tatler…very clever! We can’t fault you but rather only salute your genius ways. Kate’s latest cover does in fact appear as if you are the first to grab her for such an honour.

However, the real debate as to which magazine will grab Kate is under debate. Many say it will be American Vogue with Anna Wintour as a pull. Others claim it will be British Vogue as Kate should stay true to the home turf. Who knows what will happen but you know you’ll hear it here first when it does! In the meantime, treasure your Tatlers!

Images all courtesy of Tatler Magazine


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