First Look: Dior Pre-Fall 2012 … The lady is back!

Dior is finding it’s footing once again. We were all worried there for a while after the departure of Galliano and the debut of a new direction under with Bill Gaytten and the Dior Studio. The brand seemed to flounder under the pressure of providing Galliano’s legendary style minus the man himself. However, one look at the Dior Pre-Fall preview for 2012 and you’ll find your faith restored in a timeless brand.  It seems Gaytten is taking a look at the Dior archives and going back to basics. That is never ever a mistake in the world of fashion. A brand’s history is what makes it timeless and revered amongst the masses. Dior has brought back it’s “lady” with long hemlines, pencil skirts, cinched waists and rounded shoulders. It works.

Things are looking up. Now let’s see what we have in store come SS12.

Images: Dior Facebook Page


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