A Fashion Blogger’s Dream Laptop…

I’m a pretty versatile computer user. I have had both Macs and PCs and enjoyed both equally for the pluses and minuses that they present. Recently, however, I started the game of searching for a laptop that would meet all the requirements I have with Fashion Foie Gras. The list of necessities was long and tough to fill.  I needed a laptop that was light so I could carry it with me absolutely everywhere. My fellow bloggers, you know this is something we all battle. We want a computer that is weightless but also can run all our required programs and store some pretty hefty files. 

When fashion week comes along we need to be able to upload, edit and post thousands of pictures from one day to the next. It’s neither fashionable nor practical to carry a massive laptop around from runway to runway. You will undoubtedly pay for such ridiculousness later in life as you are telling tales to your grandchildren about your golden days! By then of course we’ll be taking pictures with our own eyeballs and posting them immediately to twitter with a programmed wink and voice recognition.

In 2011, however, we are in need of a laptop that will fit in an average sized handbag and weigh no more than your average makeup bag (I say average as I know for a fact several of you carry makeup bags that weigh in at near ten pounds).

To make a long story short, I’ve found a laptop. Actually, I need to rephrase that and say that this laptop found me. They say the world works  in mysterious ways and this is, in fact, as mysterious as it gets. I’m narrowing in on laptops and I have five on my list which seem to have all the power I need in a size that is not great but do-able. Then I get a call from Intel who apparently have hired a private detective or something to track my every move. I jest, but how else could they know that I’ve been in and out of computer shops and surfing tech sites for the past three months? I’ve been so obsessed one would think I was a techie blogger rather than fashion.

Intel suggested I try one of their new super slick and stylish Ultrabooks and sent me their new ASUS Zenbook. They seemed to think it had everything I needed and more for a laptop and here I hadn’t even listed my requirements. So I received the computer last week. The package arrived and I thought they had only sent the manual as I kid you not it was that light. 

The Zenbook with an 11 inch screen weighs only 1.1kg! That’s less than 2 1/2 pounds. At it’s skinniest point is is only 3mm in thickness. It is a laptop that could be a pad of paper. However, a pad of paper it certainly is not. The Zenbook has enough battery power to see me through an entire day of fashion week (and standby that will last me from New York Fashion week through London Fashion Week – 2 whole weeks). It also has an instant resume function when the computer is up and running within two seconds of opening the screen….helpful for front row reports. It has all the ports we need for uploading pictures, connecting devices and running HDMI cables. It also features (and I still can’t believe this) Bang & Olufsen speakers which will come in handy when I’m webcamming with the family from far away adventures. Yes, there’s even an excellent webcam built into the computer. The actual look of the laptop itself is clean and sophisticated. It’s an aluminium shell that is flawless in nature. Oh, oh…and I must mention that it comes with a very chic carrying case! When I say chic, I mean “chic”.

I was slightly perplexed as to how to approach this review in general, dear readers. I was gifted this miraculous laptop and it’s important that I tell you that by law but also so that you’ll understand that while I have been offered laptops in the past, I have never accepted and kept one. You have never read about a laptop on Fashion Foie Gras because quite honestly I have yet to feel that I’ve encountered one worth reviewing or promoting. The ASUS Zenbook is in fact a whole new animal and one that I’m saying right now, hands down, is worth every penny that you will spend on it. It is fast, it is light and it is, for lack of a better word, beautiful. The cost is not as bad as you are thinking. I can see dollar signs flashing in your eyes. Please put your worries to rest as this stylish accessory comes in at £819.98. That’s less than the cost of that handbag you’re eyeing up in the window of Selfridges at the moment, isn’t it?

Here are a few promotional videos (a bit cheesy but get the point across and show off the gorgeous product) that show off the new gadget that I’m marking as THE FASHION BLOGGER’S LAPTOP!

This won’t be the last you hear of the ASUS Zenbook. I’ll be talking more about what I like or don’t like in the future. I might also have to make sure it appears in some shoots going forward as a chic new must have accessory! So keep an eye out and do come see me at LFW if you want to have a go on my favourite new toy!


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