Fairy Tales by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are just full of surprises! Yesterday, as I opened my front door I found a package had been slipped through the letter box. As I unwrapped the parcel I discovered a pink book of fairy tales in my hand. I examined further and saw a familiar name staring back at me – Viktor & Rolf. You can’t be in fashion and not know this dynamic duo. Their fashion shows in Paris are a highlight every season and usually keep us talking about the twosome for some time. However, today they’re showing a different side to their creativity with a book that contains 12 original stories featuring memorable characters like the lonely Disco Hedgehog and the Little Dragon Butterfly. Not only did they write all the stories, they are also responsible for all the illustrations. So off I went to make a cup of tea and settle in for a few minutes to read. The reading ended up lasting quite a bit longer than planned as I was drawn into this parallel universe. Here’s a look at some of the illustrations and lovely pages you’ll find in the book…


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