Detoxing after the holidays with The Organic Pharmacy

I’ve eaten my way through America and drunk my way through New Year’s Eve in London, and now I need some serious help in getting my body back into tip top shape. So I’ve already found the trainer, renewed membership to the gym and have recently bought The Organic Pharmacy Detox Capsules. I’ve never done this detox before but I’ve been told it’s the best detox on a budget. As most detoxes these days cost a few hundred pounds, I’m happy to try anything. This Organic Pharmacy Detox is a ten day round which costs £2.95 a day. You take three capsules in the morning and another three at night, both with a large glass of water. Each capsule helps give the detox-er a healthier mind, happier disposition, more energy, shinier hair and glowing skin. Oh and did I mention helping out with that horrible holiday bulge? So that’s what it says on the bottle. I know better than to expect a miracle but from what I’m hearing is that the results aren’t far off. Oh and I’m particularly in love with still being able to drink coffee and wine on this detox. What’s a detox without a nightly red?! I’ll report back and let you know how it goes…


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