A D&G cardigan that is swoon worthy!

I swear I’m trying to be good and save money but there are certain items that you see that you simply can’t pass by. Such is the case with this sweater that was released yesterday on Net-a-Porter. I was just flipping through innocently, trying to keep myself up to date on what’s arriving and looking at trend forecasts, etc. Then this popped up out of nowhere… a silk leopard print cardigan from D&G. These are the pieces dreams are made of. In fact, I do believe I’ve dreamt about this very piece before. Yes, yes, I did! I was sitting front row, next to Anna Wintour, and she looks over and says, “Fashion Goose, I just adore that cardigan.” So it’s settled. The cardigan and I were meant to be together. Screw the £250 pricetag! You are mine!


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